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The All In One Feeding Station 

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When your horse eats from The Feeding Station it is eating at its natural level and maintaining a healthy respiratory system. Eating from this low level is proven to aid a quick recovery for horses suffering from pneumonia, influenza or colds by helping to drain the airways.
Horses need to eat at the correct height so that their jaw is aligned this ensures even wear on the teeth and can potentially save on equine dentistry bills.
After time your horse will begin to eat differently in its stable, Instead of being restricted from its hay your horse will be able to constantly “graze” as it does when turned out in the field. This can reduce the risk of colic.


The Feeding Station corner hay feeder is QUICK TO FILL compared to the tedious stuffing of hay nets.  The Feeding Station can hold a whole (small) rectangular bale of hay which could feed your horse for up to 48 hours.  *
No need to stuff hay nets, drag them across your yard and then clear the mess up afterwards. This should leave your yard and stable looking a lot cleaner.
We estimate you could save up to 20% off your hay bill per year. This is calculated upon the amount of hay which is wasted when filling up hay nets, and the mess left by your horse in its stable.

*Please DO NOT use the Feeding Station hay feeder to avoid daily monitoring and care of your horses


The Hay Saver and All-in- one corner hay feeder is Manufactured in the UK from impact resistant, food safe non toxic polyethylene, The Feeding Station is strong, safe and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of -5c up to 50c.


We recommend you regularly wash your removable buckets. However the feeding station itself can be simply wiped regularly and given a full clean from time to time with an antibacterial cleaner. The smooth non porous surface ensures that any dirt and bacteria can be easily removed. 


The Feeding Station hay feeder is designed to be fitted in the corner of any stable offset 10cm from the ground.  It is best secured in place using screws (with large washers) or raw plugs depending on the stable wall construction.  Please ensure you follow our step by step instructions which come with The Feeding Station to ensure accurate and long lasting installation.

What makes "the Feeding Station" different to Haybars or Eezhay?

The All - in - one Feeding station is the first corner plastic feeder that can incorporate and hold your buckets off the floor as well as holding a  small bale of hay.  Not only can it hold the bucket it allows you to use your own buckets. 



Which buckets can I use ?


We recommend you use the following buckets - hopefully you will already have these on your yard.

  • Shallow feed bucket

  • Small flexible bucket - 10- 16 litres

  • 3 gallon water bucket

These  should all be readily available from your local tack /country store.



How easy is it to change the straps?

Each strap comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can simply tighten or loosen the strap - Just like a belt. ​



What are the dimensions of the feeder? 

The feeder stands 100cm in height and 122cm wide 



Can I feed haylage in The Feeding Station?

Yes of course, you can use soaked hay, haylage or normal hay. If you feed soaked hay we recommend it is washed, and fully emptied of any excess hay frequently. 


Do you sell a pony version? 

Curently we only sell one size of the All-In-One Feeder. However we do have a standard horse feeder, and pony corner feeder. Please email to find out who stock these products near you. 


Do I get the instructions telling us how to put the feeder up? 


Yes!  when you recieve your feeder you will have a small package that will contain: 2 x plastic straps for the buckets

6 x large washers for attaching the feeder to the wall

4 x nuts & bolts for securing the straps to the feeder 

You can also see the attachment above. 


N.B please note we do not supply the fixings for attaching your feeder to the wall. These can be easily purchased from your local DIY store. 


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch directly with us! 
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