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The Parallax Haymobil is a safe slow feeder that is wheeled easily from place to place, ideal for owners who soak or steam hay, frequent travellers or owners that struggle with hay soaking. The Haymobil can hold up to approx. 6KG of hay/haylage*.

Hard-wearing frost-resistant plastic and designed for stable or yard use to minimise hay wastage and to promote healthy eating.  

  • Comes with a tap for easy draining after soaking hay.

  • A portable slow forage feeder for use in the field, stable or on the go.

  • Black in colour.

100% British Made and is a 3-in-1 product - Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder. Water Trough and Hay Soaker as follows:

Hay Soaker - Simply turn on its back, fill with hay and add water. A Water Soakaway Cap / Bung is fitted as standard. So just unscrew to empty the water!

  • 110L capacity and can hold 6KG of Hay/haylage.*
  • Measures: 100cm x 55cm x 70cm wide cm 
  • Puncture-proof wheels, 
  • Extremely durable, will not crack or split in the cold. 
  • RRP of £199.00 in the UK -usually includes delivery
*(This is dependent on the water content of your hay or haylage and lots of other factors. We have given these calculations based on what we have fitted inside a haymobil ourselves.)
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