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The Hay-Saver 


A safe plastic slow feeder manufactured in the UK. Designed for outdoor use to minimise hay wastage and promote healthy eating! 

Reduces hay wastage by up to 50% - versus feeding directly on the floor.
Suitable for use in the Field, stable, corral or pen.
Large enough for two or three horses
Ideal for horses on restrictive diets
MASSIVE 250L Capacity! (Dimensions: 80cm x 110cm x 55cm Tall)
Holds 12Kg of dry hay - equivalent to a small bale. 

Made from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic.
Encourages healthy eating patterns and allows horses to eat at a natural level.
Can help to prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression
Safe for shod or unshod horses. - We do not recommend the net grill be used for shod horses. 
Huge Success in the USA The Hay Saver is the 1st Slow Feeder to be manufactured in the UK!! 

3 Products in 1 

Slow Feeder - simply slide back the lid, fill with hay, place the grill on top of the hay, slide the lid back in place. 

Water trough - Simply remove the lid & grill and fill with water (of course you won't be able to do this if you have drilled drainage holes)

Hay Soaker - Drill some holes in the side of the feeder to make emptying dirty water or have a water butt tap fitted for £5.00 extra- ask your supplier when ordering.

RRP in the UK £180-200


Can my horse get its head or foot stuck?

We cannot guarantee that any horse will not try to put its feet inside the Hay-Saver however all gaps are kept to a minimum size so a horse should not have any problems with trapping. Of course the horse is designed to put its head in the feeder to eat directly through the grills.


Can I only use Hay in The Hay -Saver?

NO!! You can use Hay, haylage & even soaked hay, 


How can I also use the Hay-Saver to soak hay, or as a water trough?

The Hay Saver can easily be drilled with a 1” hole to take a standard water butt tap.

To use as a water trough simply remove the lid and fill with water- the full capacity is 250 Litres.

Can my horse reach all the way to the bottom of the Hay-Saver to get all of the hay out?

Yes!** As the hay is eaten the grill will simply drop down to the bottom of the feeder. The trickle feeding system will also slow the feeding process down by upto 50% as the horse has to nibble and work for its feed.


How much hay can you get in?

Each hay saver can hold up to one small rectangular bale of hay (approx 20KG)


My horse can be playful. Can he get the lid off?

no, unless it has'nt been closed properly.


Toppling -what will happen if my horse tips the Hay Saver over?

The grill will stop the hay from falling onto the floor. So very little hay will be wasted – if any!


Water. How can I deal with the small amount of water that sometimes accumulates in the bottom of the Hay Saver?

We recommend that the Hay-Saver is filled daily with forage. Each time you re-fill the feeder simply empty any water out then. The container itself will limit the amount of rain damaging your hay by protecting it from the elements.  You can also drill drainage holes if you dont intend to use it as water trough. 


What happens in high winds?

The hay saver itself weighs 12KG so should not easily blow away! However if you are in an extremely windy position we recommend simply weighing it down with some bricks.


Do you have different sizes?

No, but we do make a small portable slow feeder called The Haymobil


How many horses can use the Hay-Saver?

It is suitable for three ponies or two horses to eat from at once.


**the grill stops “dropping” to the base of the tub 8” (20cm ) from the bottom of the tub, however the horse can then tilt the grill and reach any remaining hay at this point it sits 3” (7.5cm) from the base of the tub.  Generally by the time the grill is 8” away from the bottom of the tub there is not enough hay left to gorge on. It is just the scraps & seeds! 
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