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Innovative plastic hay feeders manufactured in the UK by Parallax Plastics 

Parallax Plastics LTD is a family-owned business creating innovative and industry-leading horse feeders designed and manufactured right here in the UK. With their own custom designs and excellent craftsmanship, they strive to provide quality solutions to all your horse feeding needs.

Parallax is very proud of The Hay Play, which has now sold over 80,000 pieces worldwide; it is the original spherical-shaped slow forage feeder, and its unique design has thirty-two flat faces that enable the feeder to roll around as the horse grazes from it. The movement of the hay play challenges and entertains the horse and offers all the benefits of slow feeding without the need for additional treats or feed. Single-piece construction makes it incredibly strong and durable. 

We have stockists in The UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark,  Switzerland, USA, Canada & Australia. 
Currently searching for French, Italian & Spanish distributors. 

“Healthy, Happy, Horses”

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